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Shared with permission from the Middlebury Bee-Intelligencer.

Dear Fellow Members and Friends of Middlebury Land Trust (MLT),

Thank you very much for your past support of open space preservation in Middlebury! I am excited to share with you our accomplishments and activities since my last report to you.

We have preserved 47.3 additional acres of open space, 21.9 acres through permanent protective conservation easement and 25.4 acres by outright purchase. This brings our total preserved open space to 1891 acres, of which the 1099 acres within Town lines represent an astonishing 9.3% of the totality of Middlebury. We could not have done this without the amazing generosity of our donors, and we can all take great pride in these accomplishments.

Our volunteers, board, and warden have given countless hours of their time to the careful stewardship of our holdings, hacking away invasive knotweed, maintaining our extensive hiking trails, evaluating trail extensions and connections, uncovering buried boundary monuments, documenting the plant and animal life that shares our habitats, and many other such tasks. The result is a collection of beautiful outdoor areas available for passive recreation to all residents of our Town, such areas including meadows, fields, forests, ponds, streams, and bogs. I encourage you to visit these places and experience for yourself some of the best that Middlebury has to offer.

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W. Scott Peterson, M.D.

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